Collaboration with Stella Hurd

Now that my last article submission is about to be published I can finally resume work on an article provisionally entitled Reacting to feedback on language learning tasks: A model of cognitive and affective engagement in learning contexts, that Stella Hurd and I started writing together a while ago. The original idea was based on the paper we gave at the 2009 SWON/IATEFL conference, but the article develops the model in greater depth and integrates recent theories of identity and self that were not integrated in the conference paper. We are hoping to submit the article by the end of December, either to Distance Education or  to Studies or Studies in Higher Education.

Follow the links below if you want to know more, bearing in mind that it is still very much ‘work in progress’:

Stella Hurd and Maria Fernandez-Toro giving their paper at the SWON 209 conference.

Stella Hurd and María Fernández-Toro at the SWON 2009 conference

Presentation slides from the SWON 2009 conference paper (including speaker notes for the section I presented)

Provisional abstract of the article that we are currently writing.


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