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Rito Pedersen, Juan Pastoriza & María Fernández-Toro at the Radio Monumental studios

Rito Pedersen, Juan Pastoriza & María Fernández-Toro at the Radio Monumental studios

My host in Asunción, Paraguayan harpist Rito Pedersen, gave me numerous opportunities to make a case for bilingualism on the media. I was interviewed on Juan Pastoriza’s radio programme La noche del folklore (Radio Monumental, 30.07.12) and on the TV programme Kay’ Huape hosted by Guarni poet Ramón Silva (25.07.12), where I also performed two songs in Guarani.

Three clips from the TV programme can be viewed on YouTube:

1. Kuarahy Oikevo:  A beautiful song in Guarani, which I sang accompanied by Rito on the Paraguayan harp. I am currently trying to find out the name of the composer, as there are several songs with very similar titles. [Rough trenslation: When the sun goes down I sit and cry as I think of you, so far away from me.]

2. Interview:  After a quick introduction by Rito Pedersen, I talked about the use of Spanish and Guarani in Paraguayan music, bearing in mind the programme’s audience: Guarani speakers, both urban and rural, mostly working class at breakfast time.

3. Kukulele: A song with lyrics by Ramón Silva (the interviewer) and music by Guido Cheaib (who accompanied me on the guitar). The short interview before the performance explains how I came to know the song. [Rough translation: Here comes Kukulele the ghost! Go to sleep little child.]


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