International collaboration

A Summer visit to Paraguay gave me the opportunity to make contact with colleagues at the  Universidad Autónoma de Asunción (UAA). I was invited to give a talk about e-learning at the OU, which took place at the UAA. On the same day (26th July) I was also given a tour of the University and had meetings with the Languages and e-Learning teams.  We have agreed to run a series of joint online seminars on e-learning (starting in October-November 2012) and to explore the possibility of opening these to other Latin American universities in due course.

review on my visit was posted the next day by one of the attendees through the mailing list of the Ateneo de Lengua y Cultura Guarani, which is an indication of the potential impact that this type of collaboration could have beyond the institutions involved.


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Lecturer in Spanish, Department of Languages The Open University, UK
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